Is An Internet Marketing Training Program Really Necessary?

Well, that would depend on your knowledge of the Internet and your marketing capabilities. If you’re a seasoned Internet marketer than you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. However, if you are new to this field than you might want to consider all the factors. Also, you should know that there is no such thing as an “automatic system” or a”set it and forget it” to make “quick money online” product that will make you a millionaire. It takes time, dedication and work to set up your internet marketing business making money online. I take you through the realities of internet marketing and why the proper training will help you become a successful IM entrepreneur.

What is your Passion?

As with any successful business it takes passion and drive to achieve your goals. Write out why you want to do this and how you will benefit. Envision yourself enjoying life with all the possibilities of being your own boss and earning five figure salaries a week! Whether your passion is to teach music, share golf tips, blog about your favorite wines or you love pictures of cats, you can earn money online from these niches and many more.

No matter what your passion is, even if you just want to make money, anyone can earn a very comfortable living from internet marketing working from home. Knowing your way around affiliate marketing is a fast way to make money online.

How much do you know about affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is great for anyone to earn money! There are thousands of companies that want to pay you up to a 75% commission to market and sell their products online.

How you choose to market these products is up to you. If your on a budget than article marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) will be your best strategy. Have an advertising budget of $200 or more a month? Then a PPC (pay per click) marketing campaign can sometimes show quick results. But, make sure you do your keyword research or you could end up losing money.

There are some that say you can learn affiliate marketing for free from what’s available online. I do agree that there are numerous free resources and some are actually good, but my question is “if so, then why are we in a recession and why aren’t there more people thriving from their Internet businesses?” There’s no shortage of people looking for alternative sources of income, and if you’ve searched for an affiliate marketing course in Google, there’s currently about 79,800,000 choices for you to research, so pick carefully.

I thought I could learn everything about IM from all the free and some paid, yet cheap, material I could gather. But, the more I read, the more I realized that there are more “parts” to this business that isn’t always so clear. No ebook, PLR product, website or traffic secret is going to help you connect the dots. The one good thing that came from all of that free material was that it helped me to determine what to look for in a quality Internet marketing training program that provided great marketing tools at an affordable price.

Why do you need IM training?

If you are currently satisfied with your results from what you are learning for free online, good for you! But, if you find yourself asking more questions than getting answers and are not earning a substantial income online, than you might want to consider paid online training. There are many benefits to consider when getting your affiliate marketing education from real professionals who are making millions.

First, you can save time. How long has it taken you to learn ALL about Internet and affiliate marketing? Still trying to figure it out? After about a year of trying to learn on my own and failing, I finally came across a great place that teaches everything there is to know about affiliate marketing and they include all the tools I needed to build my business. I can’t get that year back, but I am certainly making up for lost time with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Plus, with all of your tutorials, guides, videos, lessons and support in one place there’s no need to be in “hunter-gatherer” mode. Study your lessons, take notes, but most of all take action. Most people fail from getting distracted and not taking action, so do yourself a favor and stop looking for “the next best thing” in the IM biz, you’ll save time and money.

Second, save money! There is a vast array of ebooks and products for sale online about every topic under the sun covering affiliate marketing. Acquiring them can cost thousands of dollars, and a lot of it is outdated, so beware. Having access to material that is updated and current is a definite money saver. I certainly would have saved money from all the IM products I purchased, and that savings would have paid for my training and tools.

Online business tools are essentially the mechanics of what your business will need to run smoothly. A keyword tool will help with research, a website creator will help you build your website, an article writing tool helps create articles, and so forth. There is a vast array of tools available for purchase, but again, save money by getting the tools you need through your training membership.

Third, training and support from people who have successfully earned millions of dollars online will get you on the fast track to success online. It pays well to learn from real people who have created their own successful affiliate marketing campaigns. After learning the tried and true ways to thriving online, you will be armed and ready to start earning money online. Know that not all internet marketing businesses are a scam (these are easy to spot). There are legitimate people and businesses that want to help you succeed with your online business.

When can you make time to learn and take action?

Remember, you will have to find time to invest into learning and creating your online business. While time availability is different for everyone, it takes the average person 3-5 months to learn internet marketing, and during that time you should be able to take action by building your website and creating content. Make sure that wherever you get your training there is a step-by-step lesson and action plan to help you get started making money online.

Who is your target market?

Whether you are looking to become an affiliate marketer, want to sell your own products or services, or you have a local business and want to promote an existing business, you have to know who your target market is, period. Knowing how to connect your product to your customer is the key to your successful marketing biz. Keyword tools are great at determining what potential customers are searching under to buy products and what keywords the competition is using. The Google keyword tool is free to use, but it’s limited in finding quality keywords. Many keyword tools are available for purchase, and training sites should offer them as part of their membership.

Take time to research your target market by going to forums, blogs and other websites that are relevant to your niche to find out what people are discussing. This will help you to find a “need” and you can provide a “solution” with your product. Being able to connect with your audience through various marketing techniques will boost your traffic numbers that will lead to sales and money in your pocket!

When will you be ready?

So the question is really “when will you be ready to take action?” Obviously, you have to do your “due diligence” and research what IM training program will suit your needs. For your research purposes, make sure they offer:

• Current training material that they regularly update
• 1 on 1 support
• Top-notch tools to build your IM business
• Website hosting
• A great price!

I conclusively believe that the proper affiliate marketing training regime can make the difference between a solid online presence and one that is failing. Reading free content online can be appealing because it doesn’t cost anything, but often times it will not give you all the pieces to the IM biz puzzle. The Internet is constantly evolving and I recommend a quality Internet marketing training program for your current or start-up business. So get ahead of the game and start learning from real professionals with real results.

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