Website Promotion – Why Some Website Promotion Strategies Fail

Any website owner would look toward generating serious traffic to their site, especially when they’re just starting out. Traffic drives an online business, after all. No matter what the product is, it won’t matter if the site gets few or zero visitors. If you have a website and are wondering why exactly no one has come to have a look at it, you might want to relook your web site promotion strategy.

Maybe you’ve joined link farms or free for all link sites that will display a link to your site, thereby generating traffic. You know what; hundreds of thousands of other website owners have done the exact same thing! Your site link will be just one of the myriad of links on a page, will be quickly bumped off when newer links come along, and it’s likely you’ll receive emails you don’t want. Doing what comes easiest is not the most effective web site promotion strategy.

Save your money too, on paid search engine submission and paid hits services, as well as submitter software that will claim to boost your popularity but wind up making you look like a spammer instead. Things like these make your site easy to ignore.

Sometimes, websites fail to garner traffic because, very simply, the owner failed to plan. Leave aside the valuable, original content that you painstakingly created for the moment, and think just what you planned to market it. If you couldn’t get beyond a few links, traffic or banner exchanges, then you’re in trouble. The traffic exchange mentioned earlier will no doubt bring visitors, but these tend to be non-specific ones. Running a website is not just about excellent design; it’s also about coming up with a marketing plan and defining your objective. Setting long and short-term business goals helps you define exactly what you need to do to accomplish these goals.

One mistake new webmasters make is not identifying a target market. Sure, you have this great thing that will be indispensable to all of humanity, but hardly anyone will pay attention if your web site promotion isn’t targeted to a specific demographic. Sending out mass emails is too random, hardly the key to success. As with link listings, the site will sink into obscurity. Take time to think of exactly who will be thrilled to buy your avant-garde stationery fashioned from salvaged items and you’ll be perceived as a visionary and not “crazy junk person” anymore.

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky few who received a steady stream of visitors after the website was launched. Only, things are looking quiet lately and it doesn’t seem like traffic will pick up soon. It’s possible you’ve become complacent about site promotion. In order to stay at the top, you need to keep your website visible. Search engine optimization is a never ending process, or you need to make your indispensable presence felt on the forums once more. Confining yourself to one type of promotion also ensures a narrow reach. There are no rules that state you’re only allowed to be an active forum member, and not a regular newsletter sender. Write more articles, you need to get out there and be seen.

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